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Our company has been operating since 1977, when the candle craft industry was founded with care and diligence. Besides our engagement with wholesale, additionally, from 1977, we own a retail store. Since then, through the purchase of new and modern machinery, the continuous development of production methods and the employment of experienced staff, we have managed to move from the traditional to the modern way of production satisfying fully each consumer. However, we remain a family business, continuing a tradition that has been holding for about four decades.

Our company produces unique creations in aromatic and decorative candles, special Easter and church candles. At the same time, we create wedding and baptism candles to accompany these unique moments. It is worth mentioning that from 2015 we have proceeded with the manufacturing of herbal aromatic candles. They are eco-friendly, naturally prepared - from palm and soy - and with absolute respect for humans and the environment.